Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lucky Charms.

First off, I want to state that CHAR-LES is two syllables. The votes are in and 2 wins. Look, MIKE is one syllable. CAT is one syllable. DAVE is one. CHARLES is two. CHAR-LES. Kudos to Bryan Durren for trying to pull a fast one on me with Carl's.

Matt DeBeul showed me this really great link from The Warriors. The guy in the car is actually his cousin! Watch it by clicking HERE.

I had an awesome day. Alison bought me this big charm bracelet. I never post girly things like accessories I receive so I thought I'd take a picture of this. I'm way too beat to do anything right now. I'm gonna listen to Tom Waits and read.


Tania said...

Charles is a strange word. It's not quite 2 but it's definitely not 1.
Awesome charm bracelet! I love the shinyness O_o

Anonymous said...