Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ed Emberley 2!

I am glad that Ed Emberley was well received and that many of you have memories of his work from your wee years! I'm glad you enjoy him as much as I do because I rented a book a day and it's officially ED EMBERLEY week. Each day I'm tackling a book of his and I'm going to post the results. This one had trains, trucks, and trolleys. My favorite parts were: the first train, the camper truck, the camper, and the logs. The logs are so simple yet so effective. Ed Emberley is a genius. Less is more.


Jason James Curtis said...

Ed Emberley week! That's awesome Chelsea.

I'm a firm believer in "less is more". I try to apply this principle to all area's of my life. Mr Emberley has a real knack of breaking down a seemingly complex drawing into manageable parts, which, as I said yesterday, makes art more accessible to the masses.

My favorite piece here is your red train at the top.

I can't wait for tomorrow's post!

Winnie said...

Ahh, I love the monster truck.

justdoodleit said...

Sweet autos!