Friday, August 3, 2012

Jeremy Sumpter.

As my celebrity luck might have it, I met Jeremy Sumpter today at a random bar in Bloomfield Hills. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? In case you don't know, Jeremy Sumpter is most famously known for his role as Peter Pan in the 2003 version and he has stolen my heart since. He literally sat at the table next to ours and we were facing each other. I knew that face! So, I told Matt Benyo it was him, we did some research, found out it was, and I walked to his table and said, "You're Jeremy Sumpter aren't you?' to which he replied, "I AM Jeremy Sumpter! What's your name?" He offered a hug and I asked for a picture and BAM! Magic! I was so excited. Seriously, a celeb crush of mine since he was a teen and what are the odds that he would walk into the place that I was currently at? Seriously made my day and he's gorgeous.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Been working with watercolor a bit. Here's Mike Wazowski partying and an ode to Stina Persson. Check her out. She does some great watercolor work. I was experimenting with her technique. Felt good to set the drawing aside for a bit.