Saturday, November 1, 2014

Post Halloween!

Yesterday I was Mick Foley/Mankind/Cactus Jack ALL IN ONE. The best part about my costume? The mask. Matt Benyo single handedly made my costume amazing. This was just a thin layer of foam from Michael's and using paint and markers, Matt made this thing look like LEATHER! I did the gold rivets with a sharpie, but those are insignificant compared to the overall mask. I was in love with my costume and I won the costume contest at our friend's party! $10 gift certificate to Timmy Ho's! I tried to Mandible Claw a few people, but Mr. Socko enjoyed himself nonetheless. Matt was this cool skeleton inspired by Tate from season 1 of American Horror Story. Also, his hair is corn rowed. I did that. Click to see the details!
In honor of today's CELEBRACION of Dia de los Muertos, I whipped up a skeleton musician. His music is in memory of those that have passed and so his music speaks to the spirits. I wanted it to be fun and colorful. Matt Benyo said the word of the day is simplicity so I tried to keep that in mind. I used illustrator! Check it out!