Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Delta Rae/True Blood!

One of my favorite bands, Delta Rae, just had an art contest because their single, Bottom of the River, was featured in the trailer for True Blood season 6! You had to combine True Blood and Delta Rae. It was on instagram. Matt Benyo told me about it/submitted mine. He submitted two of his own as well. I decided to make the band vampires. My initial sketch/pre-final:
I messed around on Photoshop to color it. It sucked because the contest ended at 9 pm so I didn't get as long to work on it, but in a matter of 2 hours, I accomplished what I mostly set out to do and Matt submitted it. I hope one (or both) of us wins! How neat would that be? Also, please look at Matt Benyo's watercolor because it's pretty rad (especially those lips). Maybe it's that blood looks so good in watercolor. Maybe I should've gone that route. Click to enlarge!

Matt Benyo and I drove to see Delta Rae before we knew they'd come anywhere near us. We drove to Washington DC JUST TO SEE THEM (from Michigan). It was 8 or 10 hours; something ridiculous, and we slept in the car, but it was SO WORTH IT because we managed to meet them and they put on one of the best shows we've ever seen in our lives AND we were in the front row. They're just super passionate and gracious. I can't wait to see them when they come here for Concert of Colors. Maybe we'll even get to meet em again! Our proof: