Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elena's SmorgasBOARD.

A dear friend of mine (and Matt Benyo's) asked if she could commission me to do a smorgasboard for her. I had Matt Benyo join me in the creation of this gem because his art is great. Over the past few months, we've been working on it. Matt and I had the pleasure of staying with Elena (and Zoe) when we were in England so we put a lot of love into this board. They came over to the states last weekend and we met up with them to deliver the board and Elena loved it! Matt Benyo did all of the Buffy characters and references (minus The Gentlemen in the bottom left hand corner; I did that). We split this board pretty evenly and I love the work we did. Here is a WIP shot. That's Matt's leg; not mine! The final is about 23 x 23 inches including border. Thank you for allowing us to make this, Elena! Click to enlarge for details!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zabraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe. They made him into a vampire hunter, but what if he was just a zombie? He'd be great. I did all of these zombie additions from my mind. Also, I'm kind of bummed out I did that frame, but I do like the background. Prismacolor(ed) Pencils and sharpies were used in the making of this zombie.

I'm PUMPED to post this commission Matt Benyo and I got paid to do next week that we can't post because we're delivering it to our international friends this weekend!!

And in October, Panic at the Disco will be releasing their new album!