Monday, December 15, 2008


For our final piece in Senior Studio, I wanted to play around with my cut paper idea, but instead of regular paper, I decided to paint paper and then cut it out. I drew the hands on wallpaper with pencil and cut those out and the eyes belong to Elvis Costello. I thought they were perfect. I think the concept behind this piece is really interesting so I'm going to share it here. It's one thing to see an image and it's another to understand the idea behind it. This is based off of a blind contour I did of the swiss sculptor, Giacometti. In Art History, I learned that he was a really stand up guy and everyone liked him, but it was later discovered (I don't remember how) that every time he met a woman, he would think of ways to kill her. So with this piece, I wanted to make his eyes and hands the focal point. I originally had eyes for him, but I thought that these eyes were better because it's as though he has masked intentions and the fact that these eyes are looking off might give someone a questionable feeling (maybe anxiety?) and his hands have rough, sketched lines because he was a sculptor and relied on his hands (but also wanted to kill women with his hands). I did a lot of messing around in photoshop so this is Tradigital (traditional and digital) and I think I am going to explore this process further over.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Robots Revisited.

I am revisiting the robots. What can I say, I love them. I reprinted them and wanted a silkscreened look and, most importantly, I wanted color. The color is done using watercolor. So, I'm done with this set. I'll have to draw a new set over break.This past Saturday was Noel Night here in Detroit and it's one of the most festive nights EVER. Anyway, my good friend Chris Houghton was doing caricatures and he offered to do one of me, for me! What a treat. He did a fantastic job and I gave him the liberty to give me a really red nose (in reference to Joe Sorren or the Puffs commercials; depending on how you look at it).I'm really starting to notice how small the network is around these parts. Mike and Vince were talking about filling a sketchbook over break and Vince told me about it and I told Chris. As for the challenge, I might just try to fill a sketchbook over break. It would take me so much work to do it, but I think it'd be worth it. I am also going to be doing one piece of art a day and posting it to my blog over break (like Chris Houghton's Dailies).

In 4 days I will be comatose for about 3 days.
Then I will wake up and do some work.

Long Time, No See!

This is an experimental piece for senior studio. This semester my work hasn't really been that cohesive, but at least I'm not being a stick in the mud!