Sunday, February 23, 2014

So Long, Sochi!

With the 2014 Winter Olympics coming to a close, I thought illustrating a Russian icon would be apropos. I have always wanted to draw St. Basil's Cathedral, but never got around to doing it. I only just realized yesterday the Olympics ended today so this was fate. I watched the Olympics off and on. I never realized how many people were obsessed with them. I am just excited for Late Night with Seth Meyers because he's going to knock that show outta the park. I digress, I drew this using a 01 Micron Pen and then used this awesome pen I found on the ground at Cranbrook to color it. It's a little guy, but I like the way it turned out. Click to enlarge!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

98: Attitude Era.

I used to roll my eyes when Matt Benyo would sit around with our friends talking about how awesome wrestling used to be. Wrestling was never something that appealed to me. I think that's because in my mind, wrestling was synonymous with rednecks in wife beaters. However, this has all changed. Matt Benyo has every WWF wrestling event from 1998 and he's in the process of acquiring 1999 and beyond. I have to say, I'm like a 10 year old boy right now. It's a world I never knew existed. I have absolutely no idea what the target demographic is for wrestling because as far as I can tell, anyone and everyone is in the audience. I laugh every time someone runs past with their sign up. The SIGNS. Those are one of my favorite things! However, there is nothing cooler to me than Stone Cold Steve Austin. What a BA. He's the real people's champ. I get so pumped up. He's my hero. I love his interactions with Vince McMahon. He makes wrestling worth watching. My second favorite wrestler is Mick Foley. That guy has such heart, passion, and character. DX is moving up on the list. They just dressed like The Nation last night and made fun of them in the ring and that was hysterical. Oh and Al Snow! He's something else! I love the heart all of these guys have and their commitment to their characters and craft. Basically, I misjudged wrestling and I'm getting into the attitude era 16 years after it was popular, but this is quite a ride and I'm loving it. So, I'm still working on trying to master drawing Stone Cold, but here are some drawings I have done. Click to enlarge CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE!