Monday, November 30, 2009

Construction Paper Portraits.

At my friend Sarah's, everyone that comes in the house gets their portrait done on a sheet of construction paper and it's then placed on the door or walls. I contributed this drawing of Shelby one morning while we were both over there. I hadn't drawn in a while so I had some fun with this. Sarah drew me (which you can see in the first picture; I'm the bottom right) and her roommate, Alex, also helps draw the pictures. Sarah hopes to cover all visible wall/door space. I'm going to go over to her place for her birthday party and help make the dream a reality. It should be a real riot.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time Travel Town.

My friend Zack has this closet and I dare say it is the best closet I have ever seen. It's like a human sized box and it's modest. I like to think that this particular closet has magic powers and can transport you somewhere great like this little town. If I owned this closet, I would just go to Time Travel Town all the time. In Time Travel Town, there would be: pizza places, people would actually listen, all conversations would be stimulating, everyone would be really spontaneous, and the Jonas Brothers would hang out there. Another great thing about Time Travel Town is that no one sleeps at night because they all know that night time is where it's at. Oh and I would also go to the movies with Nosferatu and there would be a robot party every other day. Sometimes I would get bored though and I would come back, but one day will come when I finally decide I don't want to. What would be in YOUR town?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

After Hours.

I really enjoy drawing on the paper menus they give you at Coney Island style restaurants like Ram's Horn and Denny's. I like drawing on them better than drawing in my sketchbook because with my sketchbook, I feel like everything has to be perfect and I can't make mistakes. With the paper menus, if it sucks, I can just throw it away, but if it's good, I can tape it into my sketchbook. I'm under no pressure with paper menus and that's the way I like it. These sketches are from Denny's last night.

Friday, November 27, 2009


THIS popped up on my gmail and I laughed and also slightly threw up in my mouth.Thanksgiving didn't go as I expected at all. I thought it would be a giant fight and things would be terrible, but they weren't. My mom made a bunch of things, but, as evidenced by the first picture, I didn't eat very many things. That dark colored saucy thing is a sliver of turkey covered in BBQ sauce, corn and mashed potatoes, rolls with no butter, and cranberry relish (which is both cranberries, oranges, and some other stuff that tastes really good together). Then I got to pull the wish bone with my sister, Alison, and I GOT THE BIGGER HALF which I was really excited about. I made a great wish and I hope it come true. Then, I spent the eve of Thanksgiving having a Lord of the Rings marathon while enjoying popcorn and some soda out of my Jonas Brothers cup. It was a good day. I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did. Hey, it's almost Christmas. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hair & Sandwiches.

I've been HIDING. Hiding is my favorite thing to do. While in hiding, my dear friend Sarah bleached my roots so now my hair looks pretty much even and it's back to being the way it was. Sarah also fed me pizza and that was great. Here is a picture:Subway is the worst. In fact, sandwiches and subs in general, are the worst. I hate sandwiches. If you have to put something in between 2 slices of bread, it's gross. I hate the idea of cold meat and soggy bread. Ugghhh. I'm getting ill just thinking about it. I've never met another sandwich/sub hater; in fact I'll probably get a lot of backlash for this, but I stand by it. Hey can I take the baby sandwich with a little wah wah wah on the side? Oh and don't worry, he's wearing protective gloves even though he probably picked his nose while wearing them.Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Thanksgiving is a particularly colorful holiday at the Kirchoff residence. It's more like a war really. I'll explain all the details tomorrow along with my illustration. Take it easy, stuff your faces, and keep it real.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RIP Noah.

As some of you may remember from a previous post, I asked each of you to make Noah Biorkman a Christmas card because that's all he wanted from his friends and family. I regret to inform you all that Noah passed away on Monday after his life-long battle with cancer. Noah didn't make it to Thanksgiving, but he received more than 50,000 Christmas cards and they continue to pour in. I'd like to dedicate this day to Noah. Rest in peace, Noah Biorkman. Your story touched thousands of people and will continue to do so. My sympathies go out to his family.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art Battle.

Hello friends. I regret to inform everyone that I have nothing to display on this day because I am not at home, but I promise I will have something tomorrow. Last night I got into an ART BATTLE with my dear friend Jeremiah Walton. He is going to scan it and I will post it along with a narration. We performed this battle at a very classy martini bar where he enjoyed margaritas and I enjoyed cokes and the battle got out of hand, but it was so much fun. He's an architect so the drawings were FUN.

Here's a joke to tide everyone over:
Q: Why was the mushroom invited to the party?
A: Because he was a FUNGI! (fun guy. get it?)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Abe. I Need You.

I wish I had about 100 of these. Being broke sucks.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I've done it! This post makes for an entire month's worth of posts. Rhiannon told me I couldn't do it. Well, I DID IT! Alright, but all of that aside, I decided to spice up my plain blue hoodie with these buttons. I found the hoodie to begin with in the common room at an art camp I worked over the summer. The buttons are as follows (from top, going clockwise): I Am Loved; Halloween Edition, Butch Walker, Charlie Slick, Andy Warhol, Glassjaw, Zelda, I love Detroit, and a 1984 Detroit Tigers World Champions pin. I think I've got enough pieces of flair.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I LOVE Ram's Horn.

Ram's Horn is this restaurant that's a step up from a Coney Island right by my house and I'm a REGULAR which means when I walk in, they know what I want to drink. I often go up there to enjoy a Mountain Dew with 5 ice cubes and some fine conversation. I also enjoy people watching/drawing/and eavesdropping. So, this is a compilation of sketches from my last visit, some overheard conversations, and a picture of me from 2nd grade with curly hair (thanks mom) and a ridiculous sweater. My friend posted this awhile ago and it still cracks me up. I would totally go time traveling with that guy because I want to time travel SO BAD!

Friday, November 20, 2009


I've been working on this nonstop for the past 3 days for THE HALLWAY SHOW. I'm finally throwing in the towel. It's SUPPOSED to be The Fonz from Happy Days, but trying to capture Henry Winkler's likeness is near impossible. My favorite part is the zipper. Head over to the blog to check out everyone else's submissions so far!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dedication Post.

I've been following one of my best friends, Micaela Ruiz, via her blog "No Longer Semesters" which inspired me to create the top 2 pieces below. We were joking about one of her entries and I just imagined her as a sad sloth. The bigger portrait is a blind contour of her. Mickey is one of the most motivating and inspiring people I've ever met and she sees hope in everyone and everything. This entry is for Micaela. Thanks for being a great friend and always encouraging me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teeth Away!

Imagine if your teeth ran loose when you fell asleep. You're sleeping, everything is fine, but your teeth uproot from your gums and just take off into the night. The only catch is that they have to be back in your mouth by the time you get up, but they always are. My question is, do the teeth have teeth? I think they do, but it's definitely a question open to discussion. If my teeth have teeth, they have teeth like Nosferatu!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Party Supplies.

I'm pretty sure all of the following are required for a good time at a party. My friend Micaela Ruiz suggested #5 and #6 (but supposedly Matt DeBeul had something to do with 6). Drinks are open to interpretation. It's more of a "pick your poison" sort of thing. I myself would fancy a coke or a dew with light ice (preferably 5 ice cubes if we're getting into specifics), but to each their own. Party on, party people.

Monday, November 16, 2009

R08075 (or robots).

I really didn't think I would ever be able to draw another group of robots ever again because I tried, trust me I TRIED, but it happened again; this excites me. So here's a crew of robots that I created on this special 3D paper. It requires special 3D glasses, but I mean, it just looks 2D without the 3D glasses so if you have 3D glasses, it's like a little something extra. Which robot is YOUR favorite?! P.S. I am a mere SEVEN DAYS from having posted everyday for a solid month!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My FIRST Tattoo/Robot Forever.

I found out my sister was going to get a tattoo today and she said, "I told Dad I wanted you to come and get one too" and I got really nervous. Everyone was like, "You won't do it!" and "You'll cry like a little baby!" Well, I had to prove them wrong. Alison said this was my Christmas present so we roll up to New Skool Tattoos on Telegraph in Brownstown (GREAT PLACE; shout outs to Mike, Pat, and Phil) where I had gone with my friend previously to get her tattoo. My tattoo of choice was one of my robots. What better to have on me than one of my own? I chose this bot. It's one of my favorites (it's also my user picture on here). I did not scream or cry once. Everyone always asks, "What does getting a tattoo feel like?" and I can now say it feels like getting a shot in your mouth nonstop (except you don't feel the pain in your mouth). It took Pat 20 minutes, but I finished at the same time that Phil finished and in the time that it took Pat to do my tattoo, Alison had managed to get 2 full color tattoos of Paper Mario and Boo. They turned out really great. So, this is my first tattoo. It's 2 1/2 inches tall. I feel like I've accomplished something really great and in a way I did because I am a HUGE BABY and this proves I am fearless and I mean fearless in the "I could ride around on a motorcycle" way. Yeah!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Little Piggy Had Swine Flu.

Is it just me or is everyone claiming to have "swine flu" these days? I checked out the symptoms and I'm pretty sure they could apply to any illness or, let's be honest here, the FLU since that's what swine flu really is. My friend told me you can get a vaccination for $25. Why the hell would I waste $25 on a vaccination? Nice try, America, but you're not getting my money. So this little piggy has swine flu and I have to credit my little sister, Shelby, for the title line because she came up with that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lady Gaga!

This week for the Hallway Show, it was my turn to pick and I chose Lady Gaga. I've been trying to work on this illustration for the past 3 days and I almost gave up. I finally decided, HEY! I'M GONNA DO IT TONIGHT! and I DID! What a CHALLENGE. The cool thing about Lady Gaga is that you have a lot of reference to choose from so I combined a lot of her looks into one. What do you think? I posted it on The Hallway Show with a funny link that you might want to check out. Everyone's Gaga's are GREAT so head over there and check em out! Happy Friday the 13th.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please, Pass The Salt.

According to my user profile, I've been on blogger since November 2007 which means it's my blogger anniversary. In lieu of this marvelous event/relationship, I decided to create this illustration that was originally me having a nice dinner with the computer that had my blog on the screen, but now it's just me having dinner with this monster. This was me messing around on photoshop so it's EXPERIMENTAL. Happy anniversary blog. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hell Has A New Name.

A couple days ago, a friend of mine asked me if I'd mind going to IKEA with her. I had to decline. Unfortunately I cannot share her, nor anyone else's, enthusiasm for that store. Ikea is the devil's playground. I believe deep in the bowels of the store, the devil waits and he will not be dancing with me. No siree. In fact, I think it's the fourth circle of hell. I know what many of you must be thinking: CHELSEA! How can you possibly hate IKEA? With its affordable home furnishings and variety of cheaply made products, it's the best store EVER in this terrible economy! Aside from disliking both of the aforementioned, I absolutely HATE ikea's infrastructure. Once you go in, there's no getting out until you go through the ENTIRE STORE. I remember the one time I did go, my mom wanted to stop halfway through to try out the "swedish meatballs" in their cafeteria. I did not try them, but I did get a pop and the total with the meatballs and the pop was $6.66. The cashier smiled at me with a crooked grin and it confirmed my suspicions. Have a nice day? No, I won't, THANK YOU. Sorry Ikea. You can pull the wool over everyone else's eyes, but you're not fooling me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's NEVER Too Early.

100.3 WNIC is playing Christmas music nonstop. I am as happy as a kid on Christmas. Right now, it's almost 6:30 in the morning and I am legit jamming with sister Shelby. Everyone complains about how it's too early or too depressing or how it's not even Thanksgiving, but honestly, it's NEVER too early. It fills me with joy and I feel like a 12 year old just singing as loud as I can. All I want to do is listen to Christmas music and never stop. A few of my favorite Christmas songs include:
1. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee.
2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Jackson 5.
3. Believe - Josh Groban.
4. Baby It's Cold Outside - Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone.Everyone has a favorite Christmas song. What's yours?!

Monday, November 9, 2009

British Television Ad Awards.

Two great things happened to me yesterday: 1) I was invited by my dear friend Micaela Ruiz to go to the DFT with her to see the 2009 British Television Ad Awards and 2) I catalogued my day through photographs.

It was a real treat to go to the DFT because I hadn't been since summer for Big Man Japan and I was blown away by these commercials. The difference between our commercials and the British commercials is that they really cater to the viewer and try to make it more than just a commercial. As Micaela pointed out; they really make the commercial an art form. So needless to say, I left the DFT incredibly inspired and really moved. Some commercials were about the concept, some were about the imagery and had nothing to do with the product or message, and some were incredibly moving or hilarious. I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and I bet that's exactly what a normal day in England is like with their commercials. A few of my favorites included:
1. The Shining.
2. Whodunit?
3. Water Slide.
4. Rewind City.
Please watch them. They're great and interesting. I think my favorite might be Rewind City and I was completely biased with The Shining because I love that movie, but each of these commercials is really great in their own way.I also wanted to say thanks to all of my art friends that have told me that my frequent updates are inspiring and I wanted to thank everyone that made a card for Noah. My heart swells up with happiness at the thought of it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chocolate Rain.

I've been going strong for TWO WEEKS now. I slightly altered my colors on my blog, included a new header, & a new picture. Here's a little sketch I did in my notebook that was originally a blind contour of my sister, but then I turned it into a hunchback ghost. Also, here's a picture of my cat, Chocolate Rain and here's some more advice from Inside the Business of Illustration. Party on, Wayne.The various pieces of advice are from interviews conducted with illustrators.
1. Steven Brodner: I think that your own point of view must be the very first thing you come to grips with. It's through that filter that you can then process everything else. Your work is then personal, regardless of the subject matter. As the content of what you do makes it illustration, as opposed to any other kind of visual art, I feel that there's nothing more important than point of view.
2. Brad Holland: Style is what comes naturally when you're trying to do something else, like draw a nose or paint a hand. Everything else isn't style. It's mannerism, fashion, tricks of the trade.
3. Anita Kunz: I think that everyone has her own point of view. The truer one can remain to one's unique vision, the more likely one is to be successful.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Party Jars & Ghosts.

I slept in today which is why I'm posting so late. This post is dedicated to Domenic Tucci. He's Shelby's friend. When I started my twitter a week or two ago, I found him and one of his tweets said "Party Jar." I don't know what a Party Jar is, but I decided to make one. So Dom, this one's for you. I also decided to put some ghosts in jars, wrote out of my favorite quotes from Little Miss Sunshine, included what was going to originally be my Danny Devito from a few days ago (huge difference), some sketches, and Nosferatu versus Edward Cullen (Nos wins. Hands down. SUCK IT. Pun intended). I only have 4 pages left in my notebook. YES!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Noah Biorkman.

I found out about Noah via my friend's mom on Facebook and when I found out, I was touched. Please watch THIS VIDEO , Noah is the child about 5 minutes in with the curly blonde hair that's cute as a button. I've included my card here. I want everyone to take the time to make Noah a card or at least pass the message along.

Noah was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in Feb 07. He went into remission in August 07. In Sept 08, Noah relapsed with lesions in his right arm and right leg. After going through six different trials, the cancer continues to spread...

At this time, they are celebrating Christmas this weekend because they do not think he will make it through the season. He asked his mom if she could have his friends send him Christmas cards or ornaments for Christmas. All he wanted was to see how many people love him. If we could send this out to our staff, I feel that many of them could help make Noah's last Christmas amazing.

His address is:
Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, Michigan 48178

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of my favorite shows of all time. It's hilarious. Larry David is a comedic genius. I hope you all agree. I wanted to give a shout out to BRYAN DURREN because I know he loves Larry David.In other news, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK INVOLVING THE JONAS BROTHERS PORTRAITS! It's so wonderful to hear such good things on something that I worked so hard on. I am not a portrait artist at all so it made my entire night coming home to all of the comments and messages regarding the post. THANK YOU X 10382010384! Speaking of, today's the birth of Kevin Jonas. He's 22!

My good friend, Nikki DeSautelle, was inspired by my continuous blog updates and says she's going to start doing the same. Stop by her blog!

I've got some other great advice to add from Inside the Business of Illustration (the book) and my dad has recently figured out how to navigate to my blog so HI DAD.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ode To The Greatest Brothers in America.

I can't put into words how often I TRY to draw the Jonas Brothers. I try SO MUCH, but it never turns out anywhere near good. I had to pay homage to the three brothers that I have invested so much time, love, energy, and money into; they are my ultimate guilty pleasure. These three drawings are the result of a lot of hard work, time, and effort. So, this post goes out to my Jonas Sisters, my Jonas friends, and all Jonas Brothers fans around the world because that's just the way we roll.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Advice & HALLWAY SHOW!

Here's some other great points from Inside the Business of Illustration. MA = Marshall Arisman and SH = Steven Heller. ALSO **THE HALLWAY SHOW** has started a blog. Head over there, check it out, and follow it. This week's theme is Danny Devito and my piece for the week is up alongside my little sister's.MA: The work you produce has to be the best you can do. The criterion is the final image. How you get there is your own business. Illustrators are not paid by the hour. I encourage all illustration students to experiment with every medium at their disposal and not settled for what appear to be timesaving tools.
SH: You can always tell when technique overpowers concept, so that is my standard. IF the image draws more attention than the idea, then something is wrong.

Being Clear: Make a list of things you personally know about, of things you find funny or sad, of concerns political or social that you would like to address. Write a short paragraph about each. If you can't write a clear statement about your feelings there is little reason to think your pictures will have any more clarity.

SH: The worst idea is one that tries too hard to be clever, but a clever presentation free from artifice is worth its weight in gold. Today I feel that book making is as overdone as postcards. But that's because many illustrators who make book-like promotions are really just replicating their portfolio; the book is not a book per se, but a collection of disparate images.
MA: Web sites are good vehicles for promotion but the same rules apply. Only put up what you are most proud of, not what you think THEY will buy. Always know what kind of work the art director does. Too many young illustrators don't take the time and effort to research the names of art directors and familiarize themselves with past images they commission.

Promo Ideas TO AVOID: don't include your resume. Don't include work that you don't want to do.

Ethics: don't knowingly undercut a fellow illustrator to take away a job.

MA: The rejection of any assignment for ethical reasons is very personal. While some things are just out of the question, others are more subtle, requiring thought only when the offer is presented. If you believe, as I do, that images (including your own) have power, then take a moment to reflect when the intuitive or inner voice sends up a signal. Pay attention to it. It is much more difficult to defend something that you don't believe in after you've done it.

MA's commandments of illustration:
1) Thou shalt not intentionally steal the style of another.
2) Thou shalt not envy the success of a fellow artist.
3) Thou shalt not apply thy talents to a cause that sickens thee.
4) Thou shalt not continuously reevaluate thy own artistic merit.
5) Thou shalt not use money as the yardstick for success or failure.

Monday, November 2, 2009

VJ, List, & Curtis.

One of my dearest friends VINCE JOY illustrated a really great portrait of Max from Where The Wild Things Are. Vince has recently done some really cool portraits so if you could take a second and head over to his blog, that'd be awesome. He's a really great guy and he's a great artist. Check back to his blog often!

In other news, I can't get over how stupid Halloween kind of is.Also, it was Curtis McGuire's birthday yesterday and I was SUPPOSED to go to his party, but FAIL. I'm sorry I missed it Curtis. This is for you:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Hood & The Wild Thing.

Halloween was mostly a success aside from the fact that when we began, we were the only people out trick or treating and I now have blisters, but the best part was my brother's mask. So, four hours before we started trick or treating, I went to the Halloween store to try to find a mask for my bro with my mom and we found this executioner hood and I was like, "it's either this or the devil mask" and my mom picked the hood. Well, we got the hood home and the little cardboard marquee it was attached to stated it was an executioner's hood on one side and a SAUCY BONDAGE MASK on the other side (notice the little hearts in the background). When my brother and I made this discovery, we were mortified, but I couldn't stop laughing. He was ashamed to wear it. The entire night, he just looked like a creep and everyone kept telling me how great my mask was and that they liked my nose.
Now, this polaroid does no justice to my outfit because I had cool shorts & tights but at least you get the idea (notice how pumped I am based on my thumbs up and how brother Chan is not because of his WEAK thumbs up). We raked in the candy; 3 grocery store bags full of it in our pillow cases EACH, it was a good night.
I've been working on a Where the Wild Things Are piece for some time now. I actually started the night before the movie came out and I just got around to finishing it last week and I've been waiting to post it until the time was right; now seems like the right time. So I drew the image in my notebook with microns and sharpies and scanned it into photoshop and messed around with it.