Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cracking Skulls.

I taught the kids about Calavera Skulls (sugar skulls) and we made some. Glitter, gems, sequins, glitter glue, and markers = a nightmare. Actually, it wasn't too bad. These were the examples we used. Mine is on the left and Matt's is on the right. If I had spent more than a half hour on it, it could've been a real competitor.
Justin Riopelle just had his birthday last week and we celebrated fashionably late. We went out for weird hot dogs, trivia, Matt Benyo made Red Velvet cupcakes, and we both did paper cut out cards. Now, we both came up with the PBR idea since Justin is a Brew man, but Matt's idea killed mine so I let him go with it and switched mine to Blue Moon. I'm proud of what we both accomplished. These were two pretty tiny cards. Matt's is on top and mine is on the bottom. Happy Birthday again, Juice!