Monday, May 24, 2010


I've been looking forward to the LOST finale for weeks although I had never watched an episode. I heard the finale was going to be "epic" and "something people will talk about for years" so I was intrigued. Last night, Rhiannon and I separately watched the pilot episode, read a recap of seasons 1-5 and watched an 8 minute clip of seasons 1-5, and read an even longer recap for season 6 to prepare us for tonight. We condensed 121 hours into 4, but it was done, and we were excited. The anticipation was building all day. We knew all the characters, we knew their stories, and we were ready for the finale. The two and a half hour finale was filled with endless amounts of tears (on my part), tender moments, remembrance, and some big answers to even bigger questions, but the end left me even more confused than before. I understand it's open to interpretation, but I enjoy solid answers. I don't want it to be open to interpretation. Of course the first thing I did after was get on facebook and I saw that my newsfeed was flowing with my friends' thoughts on the finale, but they were equally as confused. I turned to Jimmy Kimmel for hope because the entire cast appeared on there. No such luck. In the beginning, Jimmy got pretty deep and they talked about the ending for a few, but the remaining 55 minutes were as helpful as ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife (alanis morissette). I know to all the true LOST fans out there that have invested all of the time into the series, I'm a joke, but from someone that majorly crunched everything down and watched the finale, I thought it was beautifully done. Sure I would've enjoyed answers to my questions, but it still left my mind completely blown. It was one helluva ride and quite a show. Naveen Andrews if you see this I wanna hang out with you.

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sorry chels u lost me here