Monday, May 31, 2010

Grand Return.

Not too long ago, the fam went to Wendy's and I got a Kid's Meal because they're the most exciting meal because sometimes you get a cool toy. This time around, my toy ruled. I got a bunch of these i-spy style cards with all of these neat illustrations on them. I couldn't find the artist, but I love this style. There's 8 cards, front and back, and they're filled like this. Thank you Wendy's for not giving me some cheap, plastic, piece of crap toy. This is way better. I saw DISTRICT 9 for the first time today and I loved the little kid alien. It was ADORABLE AND afterwards, Star Wars was on TV.


Anonymous said...

it looks like ur work

Nicole said...

WOW! I might be in love with these. If you ever do find out who the artist is, I'd really like to know who it is.