Monday, May 10, 2010

From The Top!

It should thrill those of you that lurk this blog to know that I am back to drawing. I can only imagine the reaction when people check my blog, expecting art, and all they see are WORDS. You don't wanna read, you wanna SEE (as I type a novel) well starting tomorrow there will be art. Here is the inside front of my sketchbook. That paper on the left with the writing is from On The Road (Jack Kerouac). I found it taped in the back and decided to yank it. It's a quote from the book, one of the best, and it inspires me. I paired it with a photo from The Shining and Nick Jonas. I'm sure everyone agrees it would be great if Nick Jonas wasn't there, but he is also great (sometimes). Thanks for your patience while I was in the pit. Click to enlarge!


Jason James Curtis said...

Bring on the art!

I do enjoy your writing too though Chelsea, you're very good at it.

It's a strange contrast to see the photo of Nick Jones under that ominous picture from The Shining.

Anonymous said...