Monday, April 26, 2010


I wanted to thank those that made it a point to acknowledge my birthday. I received wishes in every way possible. The response was overwhelming and made my day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of you.

My cousin, Raechel, wrote a blog entry. The actual post is longer, but I liked this: "This weekend has shown me both who I can trust and who I have to remember is only a transient player in my game of life. You know how in the movies there are extras who, for some reason or another, get a few lines? Or maybe they play a confidant to the main character for a few episodes in your favorite television drama, and next week they are gone. That is a grand majority of the people in my life. The thing I need to remember is that the people who matter have recurring roles. They never leave me high and dry. Or out on that limb. They are always right after that commercial break. Whenever I need someone to talk to or to sit next to me at a baseball game, they are there. They know who they are and they know I would do the same for them. Some of them are gone for entire seasons, but they always come back. They just can't stay away. We laugh, we cry, sometimes we even scream.

It's all about how you pick 'em. I think I would make an amazing casting director. I am a fairly good judge of who can make the cut and who needs to stick to just doing infomercials [...] But every once in awhile it's important to take that step back. Remember who you are. Where you came from. Who helped you get there. And who is going to be there to get you where you are going." Raech took these:


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Bo Lumpkin said...

Happy Birthday a day late. (I wasn't online yesterday)
I hope you have many, many more and each one is blessed.

Raechel said...

You are amazing. Even though those pics of me and you I didn't actually take lol :D <3 you!!!!