Sunday, April 18, 2010


...until my BIRTHDAY; EXCITING! One of my oldest friends, Jessica Stewart, bought me THESE really great "Robin Hooded" shoes for my birthday and I squealed in the car upon receiving them (Thanks again, Jessie! I love em). I'm not one to wear flip flops, because I hate them, but these are little boot flip flops so it's legit. I put a decent chunk of magenta in my hair. Shelby touched my roots up and then tried to dye the magenta back to blonde by covering it with bleach, but the only thing THAT accomplished was turning it hot pink. Rad. The interview went well. I was in there for an hour and 20 minutes! I really liked the lady that interviewed me and we got along well. I guess we'll see how well we got along if I hear back from her about the job.I wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. I've been working hard and it's nice to receive comments, as well as, compliments. Side note, BEARDS = TRICKY. I wanted to let Just Doodle It know that it was, indeed, a beard and not a coat.


Maria Filar said...

oh, i have seen those sandals. i was thinking about getting a pair!!!

Anonymous said...