Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday, Micaela kidnapped me (not really) at 9 am and we accomplished a lot. I didn't get home til 6 pm and then passed out and that is why it's 8 am and I am awake/updating. We went to CCS and all of my illustration teachers were there (including my adoptive father, Chuck). It was really great to see all of them again. So, here I am. I'm feeling a lack of inspiration. What are YOU looking at these days? Which blogs? Any cool sites? Let me know (regardless of what you do).

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Maria Filar. Maria was one of my first friends I made in college and she's a great illustrator (check her blog out). Maria, I hope today is great, and I can't wait to see you for the birthday festivities. You rule, dude.


aPham said...

i thought of you when i looked at these.

Jason James Curtis said...

First of all, thanks for all the comments on my site today!

I'm currently engrossed with Patrick McDonnell's comic strip "Mutts". His style is so simple which appeals to me. McDonnell is very economic with his lines and I admire an artist that is able to reduce his/her work to all that matters, with absolutely no clutter.

Plus, he's a traditionalist. Despite the wealth of technology available he prefers to work with pen and ink, and watercolor when color is needed. He doesn't even own a computer. I love this!

In a sometimes overcomplicated world, I find that Patrick McDonnell is a great inspiration.

I recently purchased and read "Mutts - The Comic Art of Patrick McDonnell" and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maria Filar said...

thanks for the shout out chelsea! i can't wait to hang out on friday!

Winnie said...

Sounds like you were one busy bee!

Ahh today I spent a long time entertaining friends and teaching them to make sushi. Super tired now so you're the last blog I'm reading before I go to bed :)

ChrisHoobler said...

just a few blogs and sites that ive been inspired by as of late.