Sunday, June 20, 2010


I slept for 19 hours today and now Brother Chan and I are playing this Harvest Moon game for gamecube (thanks to Heidi) in my room at 2:30 am. Apparently, you have to find yourself a husband in this game and I've got my eyes on this son of some family because he called me a babe when I gave him a flower. I was going to go for the artist, but he resembles a gorilla and looks like he could kill me and make a sculpture out of my bones so I'm going with this cutie named Rock. I also walked past the bridge in this farm town and this girl told me she got cheated on by some guy from the city and it was the first time we met. WHAT? I'm playing this video game so I don't have to worry about infidelity or marriage; gimme a break NINTENDO!

I talked to my friend, Zack, and he said he didn't know how much to charge for a piece he's working on. I feel this is a common problem artists share, and, it comes down to charging a price that is fair for both parties. Just because it's art doesn't mean you should under sell your time or product. Lately I've been doing jobs where I'm under selling BIG TIME and once you really get into it, you realize it isn't worth your time at all if you aren't going to do it for an amount that is fair to you too.


Curtis McGuire said...

ill go with you to harry potter land!

Nicole said...

LOL! that game sounds like a right soap opera thar!

URGH! MAAAAAJOR problem for me! There are so many factors that go into pricing. Like for me, generally I find that I work a lot faster than a lot of artists who do similar things to me. So then I think "does it really make sense to charge based on an hourly rate if I don't tend to spend HOURS on my work??" And I think effort is nearly impossible to measure/put a value on! And then I want all my stuff to be AFFORDABLE, but even when I'm charging what I think is reasonable but ALSO very(!) cheap, people don't tend to buy anything and then I think "maybe they're just not interested in my stuff! fair enough." But I'll do a little sketch give-away or something and people SWOOP IN within minutes to take all the slots and I just think "WAIT! Okay.. So it SEEMS to me there IS a want for my stuff.. but no one wants to PAY for it!!???" I can't possibly ONLY be known by people with NO money to spare...can I??? Or maybe I am.. I duno. but it makes me feel a bit like my work is "nice, but worthless" rather than "funky and priceless" (which is what I was actually going for... haha!).
It's a little frustrating really. But I've decided I'm going to try not to undervalue my work anymore. It's going to sell for what I think it's worth and if no one buys it, tough nuggets (for them AND me.. siigh).

Also, those kitten instructions are GOOD! (and lol-ful) I wrote them down on my hand so I don't forget in the event that I may want to purchase a kitten (which I DO! ......the instructions should come in handy as long as they don't rub off...).

Angelo Rabbit said...

I have played a lot of Harvest Moon games. The one for n64 was absolutely the best.

If you like playing the one for game cube, they released one last year (maybe 2 years ago) called rune factory, for the wii (there is a rune factory for the ds as well).

Its like Harvest Moon mixed with... well I don't know... Zelda I guess. You go and fight monsters in caves as well as farm and get married and help out towns people.

Rune Factory is basically Harvest Moon. It's the same idea and concept, they just added dungeons.

Nikki DeSautelle said...