Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alex Trebek.

I chose Alex Trebek over on The Hallway Show. My friends, Sean and Meredith, also submitted as my guests for this week. Head over there to see them! I was creeping on Ken Jennings' website, you know that guy that played for like a million times, and he said they film a ton of episodes in one day and Alex just changes his tie and that's IT. So here we are, being DUPED. WHAT?! My mind = blown.


Jason James Curtis said...

Great rendition of Mr. Jeopardy.

I hate to burst your bubble, but many shows tape multiple episodes in a single day.

DeAndre said...

THIS IS SOOO AWESOME "Suck it Tebek..Suck it long, and suck it hard.."

Tavarez said...

hey! this is such an accurate portrayal but I like my alex fro mthe 80-90s with the thick rimmed glasses and Burt Reynolds style stache!

Nicole said...

I must say, I DO miss the 'tache... but you made him look too good for me to hold it against you (or him for shaving it off in the first place..siiiigh).
And as for the duping, I am not shocked, but appalled! How very DARE they!? Jeopardy was my childhood! It actually was (along with Wheel of Fortune, $100000 Pyramid, and Sesame Street... Blame my game-show-loving mother♥ haha). I feel hurt thinking that they were just making me anxiously wait until the next episode to find out if Wes would make it to the next round when they already knew how his entire Jeopardy career panned out! >8O

mini rant DONE! >8C

Meredith Miotke said...

Thanks for the post, Chelsea! I love the hand-drawn lettering...SUCK IT TREBEK.