Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game Cube: FTW.

Last week, Heidi Melin, (has a great blog) just so happened to be giving away a friggin GC, but she did so on her FB. She said, "Who wants a free gamecube?" and I was the first one to say ME, but a million other people also wanted it. She was prob overwhelmed by the number of participants and next did a pick a number deal. Well, I had to go with MY lucky #13 and BAM. I GOT IT. Instant reaction, shart. NOT LITERALLY, but I was freaking out. I was like, "BROTHER CHAN! BROTHER CHAN! GUESS WHAT!" Told him, he started screaming. Well, it came in the mail Monday AND I basically died when Janine woke me up to give me this gift. Thank you so much, Heidi! You know it will have a great home here! P.S. That song from the Karate Kid has a special significance which made it that much better.Yesterday, I had been up for 24 hours and went to the movies with Alison. We saw Get Him to the Greek. Not bad. Then we snuck into Splice. Horrible, but it had Adrien Brody. It was two movies for the SPLICE of one! [haha] THEN I slept for 16 hours which is why I'm just now updating. I have to go get to work on FREELANCE PROJECT 2010 and I will update about THAT when I finish. Wish me luck!


Tavarez said...

oh goodnessyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE TOO!

Anna Lisa said...

im working on paper mario thousand year door :D i loved the gamecube so much.
omg metroid prime...i never beat that game. i was on the last level but it never happened.

OCARINA OF TIME omg omg omg omg omg omg *faints*

my dad and i were playing ssbm last night actually. his button smashing is fiendish.

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

you're welcome! I'm glad the system I love most will get loved again by someone AMAZING! :)

Nicole said...

Good luck with the freelance jobbie! Hopefully your "getting gamecube luck" holds out..!? hehe
I'm getting on with similar(sounding?) plans (Freelance stuff, not getting gamecubes). Also, MY GOD I LOVE ADRIEN BRODY! Haven't heard ABOUT THAT MOVIE "Splice", though.. at least I don't think so.. Brody's supposed to be in the new "Predator" film apparently (don't ask/tell me about any of that stuff! I've only seen one of the alien(s)/(vs.)predator films! lol; I'm workin' on it!).

Anonymous said...

So, lets see u left the movie u paid for and went to splice for one price, like two little mice, how nice. What if u would have ran into miami vice. I will finish this later I have to finish my Dr.Suess book.