Sunday, June 27, 2010

King Chan/Art Deco.

Brother Chan recently joined the ROBOTICS team. I found this odd since Brother Chan isn't into that sort of thing AT ALL. I thought, for some reason, that he joined out of boredom. After Zachary dropped me off, I asked Brother Chan why he joined and he informed me that he's planning on running for Homecoming King in the fall, but in order to do so, you have to be involved in 4 after school activities. Brother Chan has a STRATEGY. I'm putting myself in charge of the "potential dates for Brother Chan" department. Any lucky ladies that wish to join him in this endeavor should inquire. The entire ordeal is hysterical to me, but you go, Brother Chan, you GO. This message has been approved by the Brother Chan Homecoming King Court Council.Mickey gave me an Art Deco book and I scanned some of the images that I thought were cool. I love the dog in this first one. It just has a really organic, almost fluidity to its shape and it works really well next to the elongated form that the woman has. The second image has neat etchings on the left with a lot of angularities and the shoes on the right are just rad. Enlarge for details!


Mattie! said...

Where's a pic of Brother Chan? Also, that guys hair in the first picture has the same texture as yours.

meyerprints said...