Saturday, June 19, 2010

Party In The USA.

This is a MISC ENTRY. THE HARRY POTTER THEME PARK OPENED YESTERDAY and my heart is breaking because I am not there to be giddy like an 11 year old that has received their owl/letter from Dumbledore. My goal is to get there in a year or less. Robert Pattinson is going to be starring in Water For Elephants. It was a book first and it was enjoyable. I think it's set in the 20's. Each chapter had an old photo and those paired up with a great story make a killer combo. Russell Brand is going to be playing Fred in the Drop Dead Fred remake which I wasn't too thrilled because it doesn't need to be remade, but I sorta have a crush on Russell Brand so now I'm just biased. He's zany enough to do it though. Toy Story 3 got FOUR STARS. I have yet to see it, but everyone keeps raving. Here is a photo that Lindsay took of us in the bathroom at the Magic Stick. This is her CREEPING. Note the GOLD. Maybe in a past life I was a leprechaun or a thief.


Maria Filar said...

we're going dude. they did a whole preview of it on the TODAY show and it looks awesome. besides the fact that Al Roker kept calling it "Hogswart". WHATEVER. we're going.

Kaylen Conley said...

Drop Dead Fred is untouchable!! I can't believe they would consider a remake...just sayin.. Your blog makes me smile Chelsea I love checking in on what you're up to!

Lindsay Parrish said...

I am so creepy. PS - My dying wish is to buy a wand from Ollivanders. Let's GOOOO!