Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mickey + Boston!

Mickey and Matt are in Boston! I was able to see them off at the airport alongside their fams. It was bittersweet and tears were shed, but I know everyone's happy for them. I was able to skype with both of them today*. Technology rules sometimes.I made this card for Mickey. The inside says Hello, Boston! I'm all about making cards because sometimes you just can't find the right one at the store.*Matt DeBeul not pictured because he was playing video games.


Lynnifer said...

so cute! I'm glad they're there and getting settled in :)

Jason James Curtis said...

Technology rules sometimes

This made me laugh for some reason. I do agree with you though, at times I really do enjoy all of the whiz-bang-techno-nerd stuff that we have available today...but other times I have the desire to simply do away with all this clutter.