Monday, June 21, 2010


The John F Kennedy Jr Library is probably my favorite place to go. It's like I get to go shopping, but it's for free things that I have to return in the near future (although I am notorious for renewing my due dates). I went today and picked up these 10 gems. That one book says LISTS for life; lists is covered up. I am excited to read Russell Brand's autobiography because it got some pretty dece reviews AND I may or may not have a crush on him. I've seen A Clockwork Orange, but I haven't seen it in awhile so I'm brushing up. This is why the library rules and will continue to do so.My friend, Carmen Tice, had this awesome fortune cookie quote on her FB so I wanted to share it: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." REMEMBER THAT! Amanda Prosch posted a hilarious link about Comic Sans and I think it's GREAT so check that by clicking HERE. I am busy making lesson plans for CRANBROOK, but art is coming soon! And blog checks and returned emails!

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