Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Why did I wake up at 6 in the miz morning? Because now my body is adjusted to this new sleep schedule and I can't wait until I can screw it up again. I'm finding that the Cranbrook job is going to take up SO MUCH time. I haven't done any art in 4 days. I can't even read the books I checked out from the library; talk about MIZ! I drew some David Roberts things in my sketchbook that I really enjoyed. You have to check him out (David Roberts: the illustrator). His work is great. It kind of reminds me of Lane Smith (one of my all time favorites). Anyway, the job is great. I love it. I just hate getting up so early and getting off at rush hour. I might start illustrating kids and changing their names so you can hear some of the things I have to hear on a day to day basis. Now I'm going to go eat dinner for breakfast (my new tactic) because I never eat at lunch because lunch, like sandwiches, sucks.

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Nicole said...

drawing kids gets tricky if you're not in a profession that deals with them directly because you end up looking a bit like a pedo.. but then if you never draw them from life, you never get good at drawing them and then you end up like the late great renaissance artists who were kickass at drawing everything but children (seriously! take a look at some of the paintings with children in them by the old masters... creepy as fuck! and/or severely disproportionate.... They coloured them really well though! lol).

Anyway, I love the sketched you have there! really really cool! I always like to identify exactly which things I like on pages with many drawings, but I like this whole page quite a lot actually.
Hopefully you manage to squeeze in more drawing! Personally I've been doing more book-readin' than usual of late which is very good! (especially considering that I have a dissertation to be getting on with...). But less drawing unfortunately. Hum. I'm going to really work on the drawing part and try to power through a bit, though! And, like I say, hope you do to!