Friday, June 10, 2011

Items of Interest.

THE LADY GAGA DRAWING: So I woke up today, checked fb, and saw LG said she only had a few hours before her article was due to the magazine she writes for and she needed a little monster to draw a picture of her with her new teal hair asap. So I'm like, oh my god, I have to do this (again). So I busted out a little something. It's not perfect, but whatever, I did it, and I got it in. I get an automated email that says, "We'll announce the finalists by July!" I can't post it because if the contest is still going, I can't risk having someone steal it. So, you're gonna have to wait (hello to those that are looking for it: Cody, LC, Elise, etc), but I'll post it soon!

GRADUATION DAY: Brother Chan is graduating TODAY. I am going to make a post tomorrow with pictures. I shouldn't even go because Brother Chan was a jerk and missed my college graduation, but I'll be the bigger person and attend his.

THE LIBRARY: I love the library. I plan on spending the weekend reading despite the fact that I have two birthday parties, a graduation party, and something else I'm not remembering. Kim Raley, I am writing you a letter right now! Here are the books and I WILL READ ALL OF THE HP BOOKS BY JULY:

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