Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graduation Day!

Yesterday was Brother Chan's graduation. He's the final Kirchoff to graduate from high school and it's bittersweet. When your siblings are still in high school, you don't think it'll end, but now Brother Chan is done and there's no going back. We're all adult(ish) now. When the graduation song started and Brother Chan rounded the corner, I got teary-eyed. He has grown up so much. I'm excited and sad he is going off to college in the fall. I am going to miss him so much. Chan, you have made me proud. Now, onto the photos! The first is of me with my old teacher, Solak. I had THE BIGGEST crush on him (and still do). I gave him a HUGE hug when I saw him. Then I saw my Real Steel comrade, Tara, and I was SO EXCITED to see her I nearly knocked her over when I hugged her. For some reason, I'm doing a monster paw. #gaga. Following that, Brother Chan poses with Janine and Charles and we conclude this memoir with a family photo. Congratulations, Chan. I love you.

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Alex said...

Hey remember when Chan is old as haillll.

Also remember when I woke up and decided to hardcore creep your blog? ;) muahahahaha.