Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Print!

I received a copy of a publication I was interviewed for back in October by my school today! It's called 50 CCS Alumni Stories: A Look Into Your Future and they send it to prospective students. I'm featured after my friend, Gitter! I'm an underdog in the book, but hey, I'm recognized and it's cool to see my work printed. They even linked to my blog which is rad. I thought I'd share this neat feat with everyone.


Nate Bou said...

awesome Chelsea!!! BTW. Cody want sa pair of those shoes! lol

Maria Filar said...

I was supposed to be in this...did you see me at all? I haven't checked the mail recently.

Matt Benyo said...

Your hair looks really good in this picture!

That's awesome, btw!
Does the article talk about you?

Anonymous said...


Lynnifer said...

..for a while there they had a big poster of one of your shoes up with grad work but then your poster disappeared. i tried to take a pic with my phone but it was blurry and then when i tried again it was gone :( congrats though! You ROCK!

Anonymous said...


can i have yo numba??? can i have it??