Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Bridge.

I found this image on tumblr about a Bridge in Paris and it said: "You can hang locks on it with the name of you and your BF/GF/Best Friend and then throw away the key in the river, but when you break up, you can't remove the lock. It stays there forever, just like a scar". Isn't that interesting? I found these wood letters in a bag in my room and I really like this lyric from a Lady Gaga song so I put it in my sketchbook.


Kim Raley said...

I have internet again!

I love the idea of that lock wall. I'd love to actually see it in person and read some of the locks. I bet there are some cool quotes engraved on some of them!

vince said...

these are on the brooklyn bridge too!
i think it's romantic.

Matt Benyo said...

I just can't seem to forget you

- Fashion of His Love
-Then You'd Love Me


So good she had to use it twice!


This is really known on a Bridge in Cologne,Germany as well :DD