Thursday, June 2, 2011

90's Appreciation Post.

The 90's were the best; so many good shows, movies, and memories. I found this image while stumbling and it was called "The 90's in 1 Picture". How accurate! I also remembered something about the 90's before I took a nap today. All through Elementary and Middle school, I had trouble with MATH. I remember subtracting was especially difficult for me and I don't know why. I digress though. Are You Afraid of the Dark still reigns supreme as one of the top shows of the 90's. What else was good? My dream growing up was to be a Purple Parrot on Legends of the Hidden Temple. That didn't happen, but I'm telling you I could put that monkey together in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey better than those kids. Every time they got to that room, I would scream at the TV because they would try to put it together backwards, upside down, and every wrong way possible. I had a flannel in 5th grade. Alison had a skip-it and I used to enjoy taking it from her and skipping it while she cried. I feel bad for kids these days. They don't have cool shows and times aren't as simple. We had it made and we didn't even know it. What do you miss from the 90's?


Cory said...

Dude i totally miss Skip-Its! There are not toys like that now! all video games and crap...i miss being a kid cause of all we got to do. the books were better, what was on tv was better. life pwned. and btw, you totally need to hook me up with some AYAOTD cause that show was my SHIT!

Kim Raley said...

I miss playing sega. I tried finding one on ebay earlier today actually. I'm thinking about buying one :) I also miss that duck hunting game on nintendo I felt like it was so futuristic.

Another thing I've looked into purchasing are POGS! I used to love playing pogs. One time I got a Slammer made out of bubble gum. (Kind of unsanitary, but cool none the less)

I never really liked beanie babies but I loved the mcdonalds mini versions. they were so cute!

Also, I thought crimping your hair was the coolest thing anyone could do.