Monday, March 7, 2011

Faux Spring Break.

I'm working on something that I can't post until tomorrow. I actually haven't even started working on it yet. I will after this. As my faux spring break winds down, I'm enjoying some Dr. Pepper and the musical stylings of Panic at the Disco. This entry is mostly for memory purposes, but it has some good tidbits in it too.

Why was this faux spring break? Because I'm not in school and therefore not on Spring Break, but my friends were on Spring Break. I spent a lot of time with Matt Benyo for our Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon. I'm noticing a lot of parallels between the show and shows/things that are out now. In one episode, they even said "keep hope alive" which were the EXACT words on my tattoo that was on my arm. There were 2x where extreme twists happened that MB caught before I did, but then I caught them a minute after and screamed in shock. I may or may not have shed a few tears, but I'm pleased with our progress and the time put in. We just finished season 3. I'm going to have withdrawals because I want to watch it already, but unfortunately Matt Benyo has school and work, you know, RESPONSIBILITIES? So, we are working around his schedule. I'm slightly biased about Buffy; not because of MB, but because vampires are my favorite. I get sucked (lololol) into these shows and movies. Nosferatu is one of my all time favorite vampires. Nos would kill Buffy in an instant, but it's interesting to watch a slayer prevail in this series. Plus, the librarian, GILES, is AMAZING. The extended stay at Matt Benyo's concluded with me getting punched in the face in the middle of the night on accident and him getting a head bruise from an undetermined source. Thanks for a great week, MB!

Today, Alex and I went out for dinner at Old Chicago. One of my favorite things is being a regular somewhere. You get the occasional hook up on your bill, you get to know the employees (and vice versa), they know your order, and they treat you like a friend rather than a customer. Tonight was no exception. We sat in Lauren's section, she brought our drinks and put our order in before bringing the drinks. Matt saw us and brought another co-worker, Amy, to sit with us. Amy was super nice! We met the entire staff (thanks to Matt) and it was a good time. We decided we were feeling froggy and got dessert; something we never do. Lauren joined us and talked about the crazy shenanigans of Old Chicago. Good food and good company were in abundance this evening and it was a great way to wrap up a great week.

I stumbled upon 101 Ways to be Happy and #53 said: stay close to friends and family because moving far away from supporters can take a toll on your level of happiness and #56 said: make time for your friends because personal connections are so important and making even a little time to be with people who make you smile will keep you happy. This is all probably obvious, but sometimes we take our friends for granted; as if they'll just always be there. Sometimes we don't take the time to let them know how much they mean to us. I hope I mean as much to my friends as they do to me. Don't leave your friends guessing; tell them how much you love them.


acrylicana said...

My mind is blown! This is your first run through Buffy! :o How awesome that must be to see it fresh! :D

Series 4 is pretty fabuloso.

Matt Benyo said...

Buffy could kill Nos in an instant.
Hell, even Faith could stake him.

Matt Benyo said...

PS. Your Giles link doesn't work.

Joanna said...

buffy!!! the best.