Thursday, March 31, 2011


GUESS WHO'S NOT DEAD? ME! (SIDE NOTE: the pictures from yesterday's post are working! Check those out)) How was the Windy City? Living up to its namesake and cold, but I had a good time. I went with my friend Jeremy, his gf Alicia, and his cousin Brian. We went to see Dallas Green (City & Colour). I know a few songs and like em, but LIVE, he's great. I was right behind Brian and Brian was front row. His elbows were on the stage. In the past year and a half, I've only been going to HUGE shows (Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga) so I miss being able to get THAT close to the artist. That night we went out for pizza and it was DELICIOUS. Then Brian and I ran around the hotel and he started doing barrel rolls and head stands.Second day, we went to Navy Pier and rode the ferris wheel. Here is a really cute picture of Brian and I (like we're dating or something). We were EXTREMELY sarcastic and sassy to each other the whole trip so we got along great.The 3 of them wanted to go to the top of Willis Tower to see that see-through box that hangs off the side, but I was like that box is bunk and I'm not paying $15 to go to the top of that stupid tower. So they went and I didn't. There was a 2 hour wait, I was hungry and alone. I went to a pizza place, sat by myself, looked like a friendless loser, and ate a slice of pizza. I called Rhiannon; I hadn't spoken to her since I left and we were discussing my funeral arrangements then, but this was a 180 (a nice change of pace). After I ate my nomz, I snuck into McDonald's and drew. Here's people walking at the cross walk. It sucked that they only stood there for 30 seconds. The music in the McDonald's was FANTASTIC though! It was very old timey. I was lovin it (get it? cause I was @ McDonald's LOLOL).We headed to Millenium Park to see the Bean and I was like, "YEAH IT'S THIS WAY!" Well, I had us walk in the opposite direction for a mile. WHOOPS! The highlight of my whole trip happened 30 minutes later; I got a strawberries wild from Jamba Juice and all was well in the world! I took my delicious drink to the bean and took a celebratory photo. Here is a photo where we are all freezing and my hair is blowing in the wind. I seriously took 7 pictures in Chicago. There's a good one of Alicia and I, but it's on her camera that I almost broke because I was playing the drums on the table when Buddy Holly by Weezer came on.After the bean, we headed home. I enjoyed my time away from home and it was free and Jeremy loved the painting. Best part? Jeremy got a meet and greet and Dallas signed the painting! He's gonna shoot a photo of it and I'll post it on the blog! That was exciting. When I got home, I went and spent 5 hours at Leo's and hung out with Shelby. I wanna give a shout out and thanks to Jeremy for everything!


Matt Benyo said...

I like your non-pink hair!

And the Chicago McD patrons.

The Jamba Juice looks delish.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is bleh, but those pictures are nice.

Anonymous said...

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