Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Bob.

On Saturday, a surprise party was thrown for my dear, sweet, baby sister, Shelby. Someone ruined the surprise so it was really just a party (I'm still bitter about the entire ordeal), but it was a good time AND it's the thought that counts. I spent way too much time constructing this Bulbasaur (he's her fave) card for her. I used gouache. It's a tiny card. It's also kind of 3D because the Bulbasaur sticks out. My fave part? HIS LITTLE TOE NAILS! I also made the envelope! Click to enlarge!

1 comment:

Kim Raley said...

Aww the toenails are cute ! lol
The envelope is Awesome!
Did she love it???

I also hate when surprise parties are no longer surprises.

Although it makes me laugh because it reminds me of the part in Big Daddy when she's like "we wasted the good surprise on you!" hahaha