Tuesday, March 22, 2011

B is for Birthdays.

Despite being awake for 35 hours, I managed to successfully surprise Shelby (on the far right with the giant bicep) at her work because at midnight she turned 20! I went with Jenna, Kiki, and Jordan up to Leo's with a cake and 20 candles. At midnight, we busted in, cake lit, and I screamed out, "Alright listen up everybody! We've got ourselves a birthday. Shelby right here is 20 years old! Can everyone please sing with me?" and we not only surprised her and put smiles on everyone's faces, but everyone in Leo's sang! It was amazing! Our wolfpack grew as we hung around (including: Dominick, Domenic, Randy, Tony, and Greg) and it was a great time with friends. I was so excited Domenic (guy in front of me) showed up because I have a soft spot for him in my heart. Shelby enjoyed herself, she got fat tips, and on the way home, Jenna and I jammed Born This Way. Perfect rendezvous.I tried to draw Shelby, but this doesn't look like Shelby. Alison said it's like a better looking version of Shelby. I spent too long on it and didn't feel like doing a different one so it is what it is. Happy Birthday, little sis. I love you so much. FOREVER.I also wanted to give a special Happy Birthday to Nathan's mom, Pat. She's a very nice woman and deserves a nice birthday. I hope it's fantastic for her.


Matt Benyo said...

Bob? Turek?

I like the drawing, but I agree that it doesn't really look like her.

class of 2011 said...

All the hipsters go to leos lol
I like the picture specially the cat
I really like the cat