Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Face The Facts.

I've been sketch, sketch, sketchin. Here is a Vaudeville man and a sketch of Lady Gaga that I'm feeling blah about. I wanted to do a cool pop art drawing of her, but my sketches of her have felt really contrived lately.Matt Benyo showed me THIS interview awhile ago, but I never watched it because it was 2 hours long, but I finally took the time to watch it and it made me respect Lady Gaga a lot. I also found out she is pretty heavily influenced by Andy Warhol and Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists and a huge inspiration to me as well.She said a lot of great things. One of those things being "your family teaches you more than anybody." BUT, my favorite thing she said was a quote about right and wrong that involved religion. I don't really like to talk about religion or politics on my blog because I don't want to fight about it, but I like the intent behind this quote:

"There's a balance. You gotta keep a balance. I can't only think about doing what's wrong or right. Doing what's wrong or right, it's SO religious, that is what religion is; what's wrong and right and I think religion is completely bogus. I believe in God and I'm a very religious catholic person, but religion is quite bogus isn't it? Because no religion doesn't hate one kind of person. So, it's very confusing for me. I still struggle with it. I feel that I am a good opinion about what is taught to young people and how we are mind controlled by whatever forces that be to believe or see things in a certain way and I think the most important thing that they need to learn is to love and to be non-prejudiced. That's what I think."

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