Monday, July 12, 2010

Learn Something/Fun Fact 1.

I was inspired by the website, Learn Something Every Day, for this week's worth of posts. I found some random facts and decided to illustrate them in a similar fashion to the aforementioned website. I didn't get my facts from that website though. I went to a fact generator somewhere on the web. It was a lot of fun picking out my seven facts and I hope you enjoy them as well. I've got a ton of cool ideas for future work and I'm working on something in Photoshop that I cannot wait to finish and post (I've already spent about four hours on it and it's not even close to being finished).

I watched the sequel to Before Sunrise this evening; Before Sunset. This move made me enjoy Richard Linklater even more. The ending was open ended and a bit ambiguous, but it didn't bother me. I'd suggest checking out both movies. They promote communication and connections between people and I think that's something everyone could benefit from.

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Nicole said...

I like this! Seems like a good idea generator for work as well.
lol! The jellybean growing/developing/cultivating/incubating/whatever-ing process makes me think of a factory with loads of tubes for jellybeans where they grow and then, once out of the tubes, are nurtured and develop their individual personalities/colourings...then are packaged and DEVOURED BY HUNGRY JELLYBEAN-LOVING PEOPLE LIKE ME AND MY MUM! BWAHAHAHAH! haha :)
And I think I will try to check those films out (although my list of films is already about 10 strong at the moment! lol). I've been on a bit of a "watching films" kick lately.