Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jen Skruba's Rings.

One of the instructors I work with, Jen Skruba, is a very talented artist. She works in a variety of media, teaches, and even makes her own jewelry. When I saw her rings, I went nuts. Jen's rings are very elegant and organic. I had to have one. Each of her rings are one of a kind; no two rings are alike, and when Jen made mine, she took my personality and style into account and I was a special case because I have a large ring finger. If you're interested in getting your own, check out Jen Skruba Designs. Here's the ring she made for me (Thank you SO MUCH, Jen! I LOVE it):


Veronica Bayagich said...

Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Love You Chelsea!!!! Miss You!!!