Saturday, July 17, 2010

James Bot.

Two posts today! I made this robot for James. James is one of the kids and it was his birthday yesterday. He's great; very helpful and intelligent! I worked extra hard to make this robot for him. I asked him what kind of robot he wanted and he said he wanted it to have propellers, glasses, a balloon, and he chose the colors.


Nicole said...

AH! I LOVE THAT ROBOT! I wish I was "the smartest and coolest 11 year old around" just so I could get this card! ...Also that my name was James and then it'd be totally legitimate for me to get it... or something. yeah! haha

Honestly really cool card!
And I like all the entries about your Cranbrook adventures! As well as the fun facts x)

lia :) said...

hey you made a picture for me 2
any way hope you are having fun at camp. I saw you talking about eliot again :)

see you next year ( 2 lond i know)