Thursday, July 1, 2010


This was my freelance job. It's TECHNICALLY considered "freelance" because I was working for myself to get a job done for someone else. Anyway, my former professor, Don Kilpatrick, hired me to help him and I badgered him until he actually let me. Don had to make 30 of these custom sketchbooks for Mark Murphy (really cool guy) because Mark needed them for some indie fest out in California. THIRTY OF THESE SKETCHBOOKS. I worked RELENTLESSLY on 18 of these books for THREE DAYS. You have no idea what kind of work goes into making them and the stitching is an old Egyptian technique that takes about 45 minutes PER BOOK (see photo example; click to enlarge for detail). It was a learning experience, for sure. If anyone is interested in acquiring your own sketchbook, leave a comment or shoot me an email; Don and I will whip something up.


Nicole said...

That's pretty funky! I like how they all have a retro feel. In my first year at uni we had a split module where we had a choice of doing bookmaking and some lino printing or animation (either flash, drawn or cut out). It was a hard decision to make. I ended up choosing animation, but I'd like to try out some bookmaking, though. I bought a "how-to" book on bookmaking (I despise how-to, but I have yet to try anything from it.
If I were you I'd be too proud after the first one (regardless of how it looked) to give it away lol

ismi said...

hm... thanks, you give me inspiration. i'm like a book, whatever book, nice to your blog it's interest.. :)

Anna said...