Monday, October 20, 2014

Cause Stone Cold Said So!

This is the best thing I've done. I think this blows Lydia Deetz out of the water. Maybe it's because I'm more passionate about Stone Cold. Matt Benyo suggested I draw Stone Cold's skull for Drawlloween day #19, SKULL. So, I went one up and drew Stone Cold. Then I told him I needed it to be all ages so he suggested the ghost on the finger and finally, it was his clever idea to mark cards. So, I'm selling Halloween cards and prints of him. The cards will say something inside that you can send to a friend. These sayings will include something Stone Cold says. It's randomized. Shoot me an email if you're interested! This black and white line image is the underwire of the masterpiece. I used illustrator! Click to enlarge.


JustinRiopelle said...

This looks awesome. Good work!

Matt Benyo said...

This is fantastic. AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE!