Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hallow's Eve.

When we're growing up, October is filled with endless possibilities. Every sound we hear is a monster waiting to grab us. The shadows shift and we know it's the boogeyman. There is no other month in the year that tugs at our imagination like the month of October. Although the month has changed as I have gotten older, I still find myself catching my breath if I hear a strange noise or if the lights flicker. Maybe we never really lose being on edge because what if? It's funny to me how all of that goes out the window tomorrow though. A quick transition to a different world. However, let us take the time to really enjoy this night. The night where anything can happen because anything happens all the time. The night where we all get to be something else.

This Drawlloween has been incredible. I have watched my own abilities grow and I have produced some work I am truly proud of. I wish it was October all year round. There isn't a month that comes with more inspiration than this and seeing everyone make art for it has been a real treat.

However, I don't think anyone has improved more in this month long challenge than Matt Benyo. Matt Benyo, if you can improve this much in a month, imagine where you'll be in 3 months. Don't lose that momentum and keep making art.

I thought it appropriate to end this month with some of the iconic killers we have come to identify. This has been an amazing October. Thank you to everyone that has kept up with my endeavors. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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