Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 50's.

This drawing is based off of a photo of two teachers I found in my grandpa's high school yearbook from 1956. It's weird looking at the seniors in his yearbook. They don't look like seniors today; they look much older. I can only imagine what the 50's must've been like. I always say that if I could go back in time, that's where I'd go, but I have this idealized version of the 1950's and it's probably not what it was like at all. Chuck Palahniuk said, "What you don't understand you can make mean anything."


Matt Benyo said...

Except for physics. I can't make it mean anything. Unless I want to flunk this exam in a few hours.

Nicole said...

Their faces especially are really great!

Lee said...

This is very nice indeed Chelsea