Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Northern Nos.

Friday REAL STEEL came out. You saw my head 4 times! I went Up North over the weekend with my frands. I got to kick back and stargaze. We watched Scream 4 and had a scare fest. It was funny because I got the girls to scare Matt with a Jason mask and Matt got Nate to scare me with a Michael Myers mask. GREAT MINDS. I posted that blog entry about not being scared for this month and it took less than a week for that to go out the window. The following day Matt Benyo threw me in the river and I was in a right foul mood. Don't let these photos fool you; I was the opposite of what I look like. That last one is from today with Shelby.I went to Briarwood Mall today with my friend Justin to get his computer checked out and we ran into two Sarah's we knew. I also tried Pinkberry for the first time and it was like a party in my mouth. While Jamba Juice reigns supreme on the smoothie front, Pinkberry takes the cake for frozen yogurt; HANDS DOWN. Here is a picture I drew on the ipad2. It's NOSFERATU. Tis the season!

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