Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tattoo #3!

WELL FRIENDS, I got my first HARRY POTTER TATTOO! I had planned on getting this on September 1st aka when Harry departs from Kings Cross, BUT at that time, Matt Benyo and I decided we would cover my arm with Henna and it turns out you can't tattoo over Henna so that was a sad day for me. I got the chapter stars from the book on my wrist. I love them! One of the stars hurt like whoa, but I got through it no prob. It was basically a tattoo party; Shelby got a fish and Sarah got a cat. I present my newest addition. This photo was taken by the lovely Shaya White.


Matt Benyo said...

Nice hipster photo.

Matt Benyo said...

Also, the Henna party was not September 1. It was earlier in July. You originally wanted to get the tattoo on HP's bday, which you couldn't because of the henna. Idk why you didn't get it September 1.