Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo Party.

I went to Briarwood Mall with my friend Justin to turn his computer in at the Apple Store. Little sister, Shelby, accompanied us. Upon entering the mall, I went to Abercrombie and sprayed Fierce all over which was a mistake because eventually the smell made me nauseous and that wasn't too Fierce. Then we were stuck in the Apple Store for a good hour and a half. Here is a fun photo of us. I don't like how my hair is always a ball of light in photos. Shelby and I almost look related:I remembered that after Matt Benyo, Nathan Bou, and I pulled our Harry Potter marathon and went to see it at the IMAX, we took photos! I like that I remembered it a month and a half later. Nate sent them to me like an angel. Look at me in my Muggle shirt. My hair looks nice. I only just remembered that it was styled for me by Matt Benyo after he ruined it by pouring water on my head. GOOD TIMES. Not.

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Matt Benyo said...

If you dye your hair dark you and Shelby would be twins basically.