Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Harry Potter Party.

Over the weekend, Matt Benyo, Nathan, and I had a Harry Potter marathon. Nate and I made an unbreakable vow that we would do this so it had to be done. We watched all of the movies and went to see the last one at the IMAX at the Henry Ford. We were beyond prepared for this party. We had Bertie Bott's, a GIANT chocolate frog, PUMPKIN JUICE (from HP world. It tasted like liquid apple butter), and we made Butterbeer which tasted IDENTICAL to HP world's. We got through the first 2 movies fine, but after that, this is what it looked like between Matt and I:We turned into animals. Nathan also joined in to tickle me until I cackled like a witch. He even slammed his knee into my head and I saw green lights. He basically Avada Kedava'd me. Around the 4th movie, we started "Nagini-ing" each other. That's where you pinch with 5 fingers and it's like Nagini the snake biting you. It got out of control quickly, but was still a good time. Seeing the movie in IMAX 3D was fantastic. I cried again and even though the epilogue is cheesy, the combination of the music and Harry saying, "Albus Severus" KILLS ME.

Did summer even happen? I swear it was May yesterday. Time is making fools of us again. But I am getting excited for fall. I love apple orchards and Halloween! I cannot wait. I want to watch scary movies. I need a great costume. I need to come up with ways to scare SOME people for payback from last year. I'd also really like to give pumpkin carving another go because last year I carved my first pumpkin and this year I will not let it be terrible. All the fall aside, I wish the radio was playing Christmas music because I'm ready for it. Best time of the year; hands down.

Sister Shelby and I hung out tonight and I attempted to make Butterbeer as good as Matt Benyo. I was surprised by how well I made it considering I messed the recipe up. Shelby, upon taking her first sip, said it was the best drink she has ever had. I told her we were going to drink 1,000 mugs, but after 2, I nearly puked.
Click this link and go down to recipe #1. It's a process, but it's worth it and it's delicious. I did just read the comments though and some guy offers a simple way of doing it. Oh and from personal experience (both times), do not use 6 tablespoons of butter. I used 3 when I made it and it was still too much. I'd say 1.5-2 would be better.

I'm going to focus on making some art. I have some stuff I've wanted to do, but have been putting off. It's gonna be a good time. Good luck to everyone starting school. Be good students, but make time for ME so I don't feel forgotten and for those of you not in school; why aren't we hanging out?


Jason Pinkham said...

We're not hanging out because you won't answer me. I wanna hang out! Friday nights and Saturday nights I am always always always free and I really miss hanging out with you. I'd love to catch up some time! See how your summer went as I haven't seen you since June and apparently Shelby is back now? Idk. Please get at me, friend. I miss you.

-Jason Pinkham

Matt Benyo said...

How are your bruises?