Thursday, September 8, 2011


It has become a routine for me to pick Shelby up from work. I'll sit at Leo's really late until she gets off. Tonight, I was so tired, but I put my ipod on and started writing out the lyrics from songs I was listening to. I also drew the type from the sugar packets:Today is the two year anniversary of meeting Nick and Kevin Jonas in Toronto. To think about it blows my mind. I was on my way to Toronto at this time. Actually, I think we might've been in Toronto and were looking for a hotel to stay at. JUST THINK; if we had found one cheap enough, we would never have met them. IT WAS MEANT TO BE. None of you will ever understand what this day was like for me. It was indescribable and it was magical so of course it should come as no surprise I had a meltdown after it happened! I also like how Nick and Kevin look like they wanna murder Rhiannon. Must be the side braid. [Side note: That green wrist band thing was from a previous Jonas show and I believe it was our good luck charm. I said I'd take it off if we met them. True to my word, I did] Never forget.

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Matt Benyo said...

I like the lyrics. Real nicely composed.