Monday, May 16, 2011

Re: Zac Efron!

I want to say something. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Good feedback is nice, but when someone is highly critical, that's nice too. I believe non-artists can see in ways that artists can not and vice versa. I do appreciate those that are sticking up for my work, but it's unnecessary because while some of you are saying Nate is wrong, I think he has valid points. You don't have to agree with things that are said, but I want everyone to be respectful on my blog. My blog isn't a battlefield. Don't let anything anyone says upset you; it doesn't upset me. From a place of love, I respect you all and hope that you'll show the same kind of respect for everyone on here.

C'mon guys; WHY SO SERIOUS?!


Anonymous said...

Please post those pictures side by side little moon child.

Anonymous said...

Or you could search for it yourself.