Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today was TOP NOTCH! I got 5 hours of sleep after being an animal all night and went with my CCS chaps [Sean, Meredith, and Pat] to get pizza from Z's in Detroit. I enjoy their pizza and menu because everything ends in a Z; i.e. starterz, dessertz, etc. We were loud, laughing, and Lady Gaga came on and I sang. We then went to our old stomping grounds; CCS. Every time someone walked by, I knew them! My Pre-College kids (from 07-09) were there! Not everyone that walked by is pictured. The weather was PERFECT! They said I had my 'camp counselor face' on, but it just felt good to catch up with all of the kids (they're grown ups now). I'd like to think I helped them in some way or another. I demanded a group photo be taken and the wonderful, Anna Lisa, helped us do that. The 2nd one accurately sums me up.


DeAndre said...


ashley stoddard said...

Hey, this is the post-stoddard era. I don't know any of those faces, except yours of course! Sounds like you guys had fun!

Max said...

this rules! and it was so great to see you that day. ill try to put some stuff up on my blog soon, i know i kind of suck at that lately. and hopefully ill see you soon this summer! :)