Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The SmorgasBOARD.

What have I been working on for the past few months? THIS BEAST. Matt Benyo has help me come up with a name for this style and it is called the smorgasBOARD. It is a mishmash of things that I put together of your choosing; just like the custom shoes. In this case, Brandi Keeler, a dear friend from CCS, asked me to make this board paired with things she, as well as her boyfriend, Donovan, liked. (Go look at his blog for some other photos of it!) This is all sharpies on illustration board and it measures out to 18 by 18 inches and it is PACKED WITH DETAILS. Let me just say that I never would've finished this when I did if it wasn't for Matt Benyo. He helped me with a big chunk of this board and his determination and willingness to help me hasn't gone unnoticed and I thank him dearly for it. We finished yesterday and drove it down to Brandi and when I turned it around and showed it to her, she screamed, "HOLY SH#%!" It made it completely worth it to hand this precious baby over to her when I saw how excited both Brandi and Don were. I know it will be a great addition to their home and I thank them both for the opportunity to create something so special and unique for them. What's your favorite part? If you're interested in a SmorgasBOARD of your own, let me know and click to enlarge the photos!

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