Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Playing Ketchup.

Every year I post about my birthday, but this year I was too wrapped up in the celebrations to make a blog. This birthday was, without a doubt, the best birthday I've had. Why? Because it was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. I turned 25 on the 25th! For my birthday, I got two new tattoos. YOLO, to remind me to be daring this birthday, and Stay Gold, because I've always been a fan of the quote, but also because it represents my Golden Birthday. 
Where better to be for my birthday than New York City? I went with two of the greatest guys I know, Matt Benyo and Kory Kalnasy, and together, we successfully completed my YOLO birthday list. Enlarge to read!
In addition to seeing a celebrity, Kory got him to sign that list. This is me meeting Nick Jonas and getting a polaroid with him! Matt Benyo suggested Nick sign it:  
Kory totally surprised me at midnight outside of Cody's dorm with Matt Benyo, Cody, and Kory singing to me. Kory made me this giant robot card and had a red velvet cupcake for me! I was so happy! Kory also stole that 2 and 5 from a gas station.  
Matt Benyo and I went to this thing in New York called Sleep No More and it is so hard to describe. Even putting it into words does it no justice, but it's like you step back in time to the 40's and you get a playing card and white mask (pictured below) and you wear it around 6 floors, but you can't take it off or talk and you follow actors and actresses around (they don't talk either) and you piece together the story they're portraying and each floor is different. Floor 4 had shops, Floor 2 had a bar with a live band, Floor 1 had a cemetery. It was SO COOL. It's interactive and it loops 3 times throughout the night giving you the opportunity to follow different people and see things from different perspectives. Matt Benyo and I were going to split up, but when we walked in, it was dark and scary so we stuck close, but while waiting in the bar to head inside, I was asked to come back to the bar at 8:45 so I went to the bar and I got taken to a secret floor where I was left with this Silent Hill looking nurse who wheeled me down a long, dark hallway in an old fashioned wheelchair and it was just the two of us and I almost died. The night concluded with a hanging at a banquet surrounded by 400 masked voyeurs. It really was one of the coolest and most surreal experiences I've ever had and I know Matt Benyo agreed. We couldn't stop talking about it afterwards and even now, he smells things that remind him of it. I wish I had a time machine. I'd love to go back. Since then, Matt Benyo and I have gone to Chicago for pizza, Jamba, & good jams! And even more recently, we joined our friend, Rhiannon, and went to see ONE DIRECTION at the Fox Theatre. It was sold out, but Rhiannon and I waited 7 hours and finally managed to get 3 tickets in the 9th row! We had the best time ever!
So, that's where I am. ALL CAUGHT UP. Art to come next!


Matt Benyo said...

Summarized comments...

Cool tats, bro.

"Matt Benyo slept with you?!"

NJ with an attitude. And a sloppy signature.

I spy with my bionic eye, something that starts with an H. Wait, never mind, we aren't in a hospital... How about... R.

That 2 and 5 look huge next the C. Are they that big?! I don't remember them being that big.

SNM and NYC were fun! I had a period, but didn't want you to think I was talking about the band...

Chicago was dece. Better than normal. Probably because of Haley Reinhart being awesome! And remembering me. And because I found some AWESOME shoes. And a hat. And we used Chicago like the whore she is. Ate her out and left her wanting more.

OD. Man, I'm overwhelmed by all these cute boys all jammed into one post. Larry, FTW.

Anonymous said...

ONE DIRECTION ARE MY BABIES(: they are dating me they just don't know it yet actually... GOT A GREAT STORY TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEM AT CAMP!!!!!